Sealing solutions for other various applications

Based on its specific competences, Datwyler provides chosen customers in specific industries with customized sealing solutions.

In industrial solutions, Datwyler currently is mainly focused on development, production and supply of components for

Small engines ( intake manifolds, molded tubes for oil and fuel supply, vibration dampers )

  • Filling lines  ( pump diaphragms )
  • Construction machines (  i.e. sealing for concrete pumps )
  • Textile industry
  • Switchgear industry

Datwyler’s customer specific project teams are permanently in contact with our business partners in order to attend and contribute actively as co-engineering partner to the relevant projects. Thanks to Datwyler’s global manufacturing footprint we are able to support customer in almost all regions of the world.

In result of successful and long term cooperation Datwyler has reached status of single source for some of our customers, for others Datwyler is awarded with status of main supplier.

New Product Development

In order to expand business activities and service for its customers, Datwyler intensively works on further development of material, product, process and technology footprint, exceeding current status.


Based on an in-depth analysis of future megatrends, Datwyler has defined relevant new business fields for innovative sealing solutions, i.e. medical industry, oil & gas, chemical industry and others.

Interdisciplinary project teams in cooperation with customers and external support such as universities and institutes work on realization of Datwyler’s future strategy.


We invite you to participate to that challenging process and look forward to discussing demanding project requests.

Sealing Solutions for the oil and gas market

Exceptional quality and product reliability are critical in the oil and gas industry, as the smallest seal failure can cause costly down time. To provide our high-quality sealing solutions to customers in this demanding environment, we entered this specific market last year, emphasizing our efforts with the acquisition of US company Parco.


How oil and gas companies benefit from Datwyler

Datwyler is committed to strategic development, continuous growth, and a broad offering in numerous markets and industries for its worldwide customers. With this aspiration, Datwyler entered the strategically relevant oil and gas market by acquiring the US company Parco last year while also strengthening its overall presence in the US market.


Parco & Datwyler – market expertise and high-quality sealing solutions

Datwyler and Parco are combining their experience and know-how to jointly deliver the most innovative and reliable sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry. Parco, based in Ontario, California, has established itself as a leading supplier of O-rings and custom molded seals for various industries, predominantly in the US market. Throughout its four state-of-the-art production sites, Parco utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment. As part of Datwyler, Parco supplies its customers with products of world-class quality to meet the strict national and international regulations of these demanding markets.


This strategic acquisition has also enabled Datwyler to significantly expand its existing O-ring business. Together with O-rings, back-up rings, packing elements, pressure compensators, rubber-to-metal bonded parts and other custom molded seals are part of Parco’s broad portfolio. Furthermore, Parco's long-standing customer relationships allow targeted cross-selling and thus accelerated profitable growth for both companies.