Soft Dry Electrodes for long-term use

Wearables have been a major focus for the healthcare industry in recent years. It has rightfully become one of the big trend topics and has a lot of potential for future developments. Strategic partnerships and cooperation with international innovative hubs, companies or universities are very important for our way forward. Our cooperation and partnerships create synergies and result in high-quality future-proof medical products — and therefore most importantly an improved offering for customers.




Innovative solution for long-term EEG

Our newest solution in the field of wearables: The innovative soft dry electrodes are based on a flexible conductive polymer and customizable design.

The soft dry electrodes allow dry signal acquisition which eliminates the use of gels and decreases skin irritation significantly. The specific design and characteristics allow usage without special skin preparation and freedom of area for monitoring. It simplifies the correct placement and the patients can apply the electrodes outside the hospital, which significantly increases convenience. Furthermore, the electrodes are very robust, can be cleaned easily and repeatedly used. The soft dry electrodes are our solution for long-term EEG monitoring as they really improve the treatment comfort for patients.

Different application areas

With the help of brain activity EEG, early Alzheimer symptoms can be detected and monitored. Furthermore, Neurofeedback exercises for relaxing and concussion detection in the playing field are enabled. With heart activity ECG, fetal heartbeat can be monitored and possible heart arrhythmias can be detected. The Soft Dry Electrodes can be used for EMG, which includes muscle movement monitoring to observe the correct performance of exercises. With eye movement EOG, neuromarketing research by tracking a person’s visual path is possible. During a long-term EEG, patients need to wear the electrodes over several days or even weeks. Datwyler’s electrodes offer high wearing comfort, are waterproof, flexible and biocompatible. The higher comfort leads to a higher degree of relaxation, which in most therapies is of utmost importance.