Best product portfolio and compatibility

We offer state-of-the-art packaging solutions for small molecule drugs. Our unique product portfolio includes the most advanced elastomer formulations, compounds and coatings, thereby offering maximum compatibility with our customers’ pharmaceuticals. 

Low particle level

Our solutions in the Pharma Care category are manufactured according to our advanced standard. Our ultra- modern cleanroom environment and validated washing processes ensure low particle levels and provide enhanced processing conditions for high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Specified silicone levels

Our advanced production processes and coating technologies enable us to control and reduce silicone levels as much as possible in order to mitigate risks. As a result, our elastomer components are of the highest quality and provide a better stability and end user experience.


Full documentation, access to technical support (24/7) including machinability

Throughout the entire production process, we offer full documentation and comprehensive data packages. Additional access to our best-in-class technical support for enhanced machinability and high productivity rates is also possible.

Proven global footprint

We are meeting our customers’ business challenges with comprehensive industry expertise and lean production processes wherever they need us. Our worldwide operations stretch across three continents and include a total of six production sites.


Lead time of 8 – 12 weeks

Our global footprint enables us to provide equivalent processes and production capacity on a global scale throughout the entire product life cycle. Our lead times come to approximately 8 -12 weeks, even for large orders.



We are constantly working on new products and services.

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Our comprehensive production processes allow us to provide you with components for immediate use, thereby eliminating additional steps in the supply chain and reducing time-to-market.



If requested, we also offer our best-in-class components pre-sterilization, thereby providing our customers with maximum flexibility and control.


Rapid transfer ported bags

Each of our production zones has been meticulously designed and constructed in order to prevent bio- contamination. Rapid Transfer Port Bags (RTP) are used for the transfer of sterile components into an isolator or RABS system.



We are constantly working on new products and services.

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 First Line quality standard

Our solutions are manufactured in line with our highest quality standard: First Line. To ensure lowest-available particle levels and prevent bio-contamination, production takes place in a highly automated cleanroom environment. The production process also includes validated washing and the latest generation of 100 % camera inspection techniques.

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Omni Flex coating

The most complex elastomer components produced according to the First Line standard belong to the Omni Flex family of vial and syringe components. the Omni Flex fluoropolymer coating is the first coating to both provide barrier properties and to eliminate the closure as a source of silicone oil-based subvisible particles (SbVPs) at the same time. This coating process is a Datwyler proprietary process.



We are constantly working on new products and services.

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Our Pharma Care category is designed to overcome the challenges for small molecule drugs. By providing the best packaging solutions and production flexibility, we are unlocking the potential of our customers’ pharmaceuticals.


Our experts are looking forward to providing you with further information on our specialized offering categories. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or to arrange an individual appointment.