Multifunctional components for all your syringe applications

Guaranteeing that our components for prefilled syringes fulfil all necessary functions

One critical component of any prefilled syringe is the plunger, which must demonstrate both perfect plunger barrel seal integrity (PBSI) and flawless gliding behaviour, to ensure that the syringe contents are administered to your patients safely and consistently, even after several years of storage.


Tip caps and needle shields, on the other hand, must not only form a tight seal, but also enable the adequate sterilization of semi-assembled syringe systems. The permanent contact between the contents and elastomeric components also places extra demands on the compound’s E&L profile.

Innovative compounds

Datwyler employs the most advanced formulations based on halobutyl elastomers to meet the multiple challenges of the prefilled syringe components for your application. Datwyler components are lubricated with silicon oil to ensure excellent machineability, prevent sticking in bulk packaging and guarantee smooth gliding behaviour once assembled in the barrel. For your silicon oil-sensitive applications, Datwyler components are also available with a fluoropolymer coating. This specialized coating not only eliminates the need for siliconisation, but creates a robust barrier between the drug and the rubber, thus minimizing extractables and leachables even further.


Dedicated consultants

Datwyler’s experienced professionals are permanently on hand to provide you with obligation-free advice on choosing the right components that can guarantee you optimum safety and convenience, while providing you with the most cost-effective solution. Our prefilled syringe components are available in a variety of packaging formats from bulk to RFS and RTU to suit all your packaging needs, and giving you maximum flexibility and efficiency in your supply chain.

Contact our dedicated consultants for objective advice on choosing the right solution for your application.