Guaranteeing multiple protection for your cartridge delivery systems

Datwyler has a proven track record in the development of sophisticated closure solutions for cartridge delivery systems, guaranteeing the ultimate protection for your valuable product.

Multifunctional components

Elastomeric cartridge components must be capable of performing a wide variety of functions. The plunger, for example, is not only made of specialized bromobutyl-based formulations with all the physical, chemical and mechanical properties essential for the safe and easy administration of your product, but has a very low E&L profile. The components’ hardness also guarantees maximum PBSI (Plunger Barrel Seal Integrity), even after several years of storage. At the other end of the cartridge, the combiseal must be capable of maintaining the integrity of the seal, even after multiple piercings, while ensuring the lowest possible E&L profile for your application. If necessary, bi-layer seals can also be incorporated, thus giving you the advantage of combining two compounds, each with its unique set of properties.


Optimized extractables and leachables profile

The long-term contact between the drug and the rubber components places high demands on the compatibility profile of the seal. This is why Datwyler employs the most advanced formulations based on halobutyl elastomers to meet the multiple challenges of cartridge closure components and provide you with the best possible solution for your application.

Superior usability and resilience

The compatibility requirements of cartridge closure components, however, are often in conflict with the other functional properties such as self-sealing, particularly for products like insulin where multiple piercings are the norm. Datwyler’s solution is a combi-seal featuring a dual compound elastomeric liner inside the aluminium cap. The inner layer is constructed from low E&L profile halobutyl elastomers for maximum compatibility, while the outer layer is made from polyisoprene providing an extremely robust liner for multiple piercings, guaranteeing that your product is administered safely and easily.

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