Food packaging standards and regulations

Are you looking for a development / industrialisation partner who is aware of the care and special requirements required for your food industry product?

We are highly experienced in working with the various standards and regulations compulsory in the world’s food packaging market. We also analyse and implement risk analyses such as the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) to analyze, prevent and minimize the critical points during the production process of your product.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your product is manufactured in accordance with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice). With our high-quality clean room environment we are able to implement these systems in our worldwide production plants. Our highly trained team of quality experts look forward to welcoming you in our production facilities.

High quality requirements

A highly automated manufacturing process requires an advanced quality control system. To fulfil the high quality requirements of our customers, Datwyler implements specific, scientific testing methods.

Our automated, on-line testing methods are always customized and form part of a greater state of the art inspection unit. Datwyler is the market leader in providing processes with on-line detection systems such as high speed camera inspection for each individual part to ensure 100% product quality. Testing methods which simulate the use of the product are also implemented.

As a technically competent and highly qualified partner, Datwyler has the know-how and experience to fulfil your highest quality requirements.

Who will work with me ?

For all new product developments, we build up a dedicated team of talented and highly trained people who bring the specific skill set required to realise your product solution.

This multidisciplinary team will be drawn from a pool of experts to cover your projects every need. Engineers, Material developers, Quality professionals and Process specialists will support your project manager.

This dedicated team of experts is target orientated to fulfil your project expectations.

Datwyler - A reliable and innovative partner - now and in the future !