Your innovative partner for special industrial profiles

When it comes to designing your industrial profiles, we produce not only standard products but also many different special products. 

By doing so we can guarantee you the best possible solution.

We will help you by designing that special solution for your particular problem.

Seals for door and gate systems

Doors and gates perform important tasks. Whether they serve as a simple separation of one room from another or as part of a highly complex system in infrastructure and technology, doors and gates satisfy requirements in terms of aesthetics and fire and burglary protection. Sophisticated elastomer profiles also make sure that security is not overlooked.

Simple internal doors and complex gate systems have something in common: a sealing system tailored to each intended application. This can be individually packaged and picked, as well as fitted and cut to suitable lengths. Large-volume, intelligently designed seal cross sections, which actively change shape in the event of unwanted contact, take care of your security.


Door and gate profiles

Floor profiles (optosensor)            

  •  Side seals
  •  Slat seals
  •  Contact strip profiles
  •  Stopper seals

There is a considerable range of applications for doors and gates. Hollow-chamber profiles for internal applications or hand protection profiles. But also co-extruded seals with highly conductive components, which guarantee, for example, the quiet and low-friction movement of folding doors.

Absorber profiles

Absorber profiles are extruded profiles of various widths with an appropriate number of tube sections for the respective use. Rolled out flat, they provide an arbitrarily extensible surface, with a supply and return system included. They follow the principle of heat transfer from hot to cold or vice versa, depending on use of different flow media. Classic applications here are

  • Solar swimming pool heating. Because sunshine is free, these absorbers made of ozone- and weather-resistant and thermally conductive EPDM are found in many communal swimming pools and on the roofs of private houses.
  • In mobile skating rinks, rink absorbers are used. Laid out flat following the principle of pool absorbers, the system is flushed with a medium colder than 0°C. After the determined period, the
    rink cleaner can begin on the flooded area.
  • In professional football too, artificial turf absorbers have made been developed on the same principle. The kickers from TSV 1860 Munich or Red Bull Salzburg train in winter on artificial turf heated using Datwyler absorbers

Rail vehicles

We develop and manufacture high-precision rubber profiles in close cooperation with our customers, taking it from the initial idea to the production stage. That includes train goods, factory-made profiles with punched holes, with vulcanised corners or as a complete frame with 90° corners or radii training for the following applications:

  • Windscreen frame, a visually appealing enclosure that takes into account security-related requirements, such as the fire safety standards DIN 5510 and EN 45545
  • Finger protection profiles for doors, designed for security-related and fire-retardant systems such as electrical safety edges
  • Suspension elements e.g. elastic bottom bearings to absorb unwanted and disturbing vibrations and oscillations.

Other technical applications

Datwyler develops and produces the right solution for every problem according to individual customer drawings, patterns and targets. From the wide variety of elastomers we determine the optimal quality, tailored to the respective application based on the requirement profile. The service package also includes the design and construction of tools and molds. Depending on the application, widths up to 670 mm and weights of up to 22 kg/m are possible

Typical applications are:


Equipment- and plant engineering

  • Profiles for agricultural and construction machinery
  • Conduits for cables, etc.
  • Hoses for SCR applications
  • Cords for axle construction
  • Filling profiles for submarine cables
  • Profiles and hoses for the white goods industry



Steel and hydraulic engineering

  • Lock seals
  • Note profiles
  • Angle profiles
  • Square profiles
  • Activatable seals
  • Fender profiles
    - Rectangular
    - Cylindrical
    - D-Fender
  • Rub rail profiles
  • Manhole gaskets

We give all your wishes a profile

  • Edge protection profiles
  • Clamping and filler profiles
  • Finger protection profiles
  • Cord ring and frame profiles
  • Profile cords in the pieces according to customer drawings
  • Round and square cords
  • Rubber sponge profiles
  • Coextrusion profiles (various elastomers, colours and degrees of hardness)