Sealing facades and more !

For decades, Datwyler has been developing and producing seals for building construction applications specially designed to meet the needs of its customers and their projects. As an innovative and reliable partner to our customers, engineers, architects, and facade, window, and door manufacturers will all know us as a top-quality Swiss solutions provider.

Seals for facade systems

As the barrier between inside and outside, the facade has to perform a wide range of tasks. Whether it is a post and beam construction, a glass facade, a ventilated curtain facade or a punctuated facade, it must comply with current requirements in relation to heat insulation, sound insulation, weatherproofing, fire protection and aesthetics.

Our products are specially developed and manufactured according to the anticipated conditions. Innovative sealing systems are extremely flexible and ideally meet the prescribed requirements. This includes ever-important heat insulation using co-extruded and foamed profiles. As regards fire protection, we have outstanding CR compounds for every intended application.

All relevant standards play a key role in the development process from the very beginning and guarantee the type of consistent quality desired by our clients.

Seals for window systems

Modern window systems are real all-rounders and high-tech elements of a building. Whether they are timber, timber and metal, synthetic or even all-metal windows, they play a major role in fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and weatherproofing.

Heat and sound insulation are key priorities in window construction. The highest demands are met by using co-extruded profiles, which can be supplemented by foamed components if necessary. Hard-soft combinations simplify a streamlined, seamless movement of glazing seals. Moulded parts can simplify corner construction even further. A vulcanised corner construction has also proven its worth in particularly challenging applications.

All these competencies can be used individually or combined in a single product depending on the requirements, be it highly insulated frame seals (uninterrupted central seal) or movable glazing seals. Aesthetic requirements can be satisfied using coloured, co-extruded visible surfaces, without losing the exceptional mechanical properties of the material.