From Datwyler acquired Company Ott designs and produces precision parts out of thermoplasts and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in single- and multicomponent technology. The in-house mold shop designs and produces injection moulds for thermoplasts and liquid silicone rubber as well as LSR cold runner systems, for their own production as well as a service provider. Together with Ott, Datwyler will use the opportunity to tap into new niche markets. The customers will profit from an extended product portfolio.


Thermoplasts are distinguished by the fact that they can be thermoformed and solidify after cooling. Already in the standard one-component process, Ott is one of the specialists in this sector. Thermoplasts can also be combined into multi-components. A high-quality machine park with state-of-the-art peripherals enables us to manufacture precision parts of the highest complexity. The process chain runs fully automated from material drying and machine assembly to part removal, sprue removal, quality control and packaging. We process all technical plastics.



In the field of multicomponent processing, Ott can fully utilize the many years of experience. Any combination of hard and soft parts as well as different colours can be produced. Combinations of Thermoplast / Thermoplast and Thermoplast / Silicone can be combined. On the most modern machines, production is carried out efficiently in one step of operation. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the different thermoplastis and silicones. This can be found at Ott - to your advantage.

Liquid silicone rubber

Otts specializes in the production of liquid silicone rubber parts (LSR technology). The parts are manufactured on the most modern machines in the single and multi-component technology. Thanks to the many years of experience in this field, you are supported by Ott in the complete project sequence - from the development to the final product. - Contact us now to discover how we can develop the perfect solution for your applications.