Datwyler has made a strategic acquisition to reinforce its Sealing Solutions Division’s sales and distribution organization for the US automotive industry.

In order to strengthen its business in the US automotive market and offer US automotive customers local engineering and prototyping services for rubber components, Datwyler has acquired Keystone Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. In doing so, Datwyler’s Sealing Solutions division further reinforced its sales, distribution and engineering organization for the American automotive industry and other industrial markets.

Columbia Engineered Rubber, located in Vandalia, Ohio, specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution of custom rubber components and has long-standing relationships in the American automotive industry. With a discipline of advanced materials and manufacturing methods, Columbia Engineered Rubber is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom rubber seals and rubber components for applications across many industries. The company also is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance O-rings, which are available in a variety of materials, in both standard and custom sizes.

Columbia Engineered Rubber, with its approximately 70 employees, is a natural extension to the Datwyler Group as it has a long-term relationship with Datwyler Sealing Solutions (Anhui) Co., Ltd. (former Zhongding Sealtech), which Datwyler acquired in China in 2012.Following its integration into Datwyler Sealing Solutions, Keystone Holdings and Columbia Engineering Rubber were renamed Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA Inc. in spring 2016




With a strategic acquisition in its Sealing Solutions division, Datwyler is strengthening and expanding its technology and product portfolio for customers in the automotive industry.

Delivering added value to customers and constantly developing relevant expertise is at the core of Datwyler´s ambitions. Therefore, Datwyler further expanded its expertise in technology and materials with the acquisition of German company Ott in October 2016.


The company is based in Cleebronn, Germany, and employs approximately 200 people. It was founded in 1975 and offers exceptional specialist expertise in toolmaking and particularly in producing precise injection-molded parts made from thermoplastic and liquid silicone using single- and multi-component technology.


With its core business and expertise, Ott is an ideal match for Datwyler's existing technologies and opens up attractive opportunities in various industries. Datwyler will use the new expertise provided by Ott to increase the depth of its added value and meet specific customer requirements. With this acquisition, Datwyler is also hoping to combine acquired technologies with existing Datwyler technologies with a view to devising novel solutions. Besides increased expertise, there comes an extended portfolio of products, customers in the automotive and healthcare industry can benefit from.


Datwyler offers customised precision molded rubber parts (rubber and rubber bonded to metal/plastic) for SCR systems, which meet high requirements regarding tolerances, media resistance, and product life.


Datwyler is the preferred supplier for elastomer components for the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology – one of the most effective and reliable technologies available to reduce toxic NOx emissions of diesel engines. Therefore, Datwyler enables the automotive industry to meet increasingly tighter environmental regulations. The company has a long and profound experience in supplying customised precision rubber components for SCR systems, supporting customers from the very early development to serial production. Datwyler has a high level of expertise and offers capabilities such as compounding, tool making, prototyping, FEM analysis, and process development. Thanks to modern mixing facilities in Asia and Europe, Datwyler always meets the highest quality standards and product requirements.

Datwyler is already well positioned in this market due to a long supply history that began in 2008 and close engineering relationships with SCR system market leaders. Since SCR technology components are very demanding and sophisticated with regard to tolerances, media resistance, and durability, Datwyler’s expertise makes the company a preferred supplier for SCR system technology leaders.


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Providing specialized EPDM And HNBR materials for AdBlue® applications.
Datwyler’s Product Portfolio for AdBlue® Applications

Datwyler’s Product Portfolio for AdBlue® Applications

The recent Euro 6 legislation has meant that the exhaust after-treatment systems that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions will continue to be placed under the spotlight.


Selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR systems) use water based urea solutions (AdBlue®) as an ammonia source to neutralize the nitrogen oxides in exhaust emissions of diesel engines. In SCR systems, ammonia (NH3) is made to react selectively with nitrogen oxides to result in nitrogen and water.


To guarantee the safe transport of these chemicals from their storage tank to the exhaust system, the latest technology requires parts that are based on specially designed rubber materials. These materials can be attacked by AdBlue®, which contains urea. Suitable elastomer materials must be chosen to withstand contact with the urea solution – a reality which poses a considerable technical challenge. This applies equally to the rubber to-metal bonding that is often required specifically for AdBlue® applications.

With our superior technology and top-quality rubber materials based on EPDM and HNBR, Datwyler more than meets this challenge. Indeed, we will supply you with EPDM and HNBR compounds that are specially designed for AdBlue® applications. These compounds have already been used in AdBlue® applications at temperatures of 120°C and at peak temperatures of as much as 150°C, clearly demonstrating the robustness of Datwyler’s compounds.




EPDM: 70ShA, (plus internal lubrication properties)

HNBR: 60 ShA, 70ShA, 80ShA, also in fibre-reinforced variants, low temperature variants and with internal lubrication properties

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With the acquisition of two Asian companies in 2012 and the opening of our plant in Wuxi, Datwyler continues to expand its supply operations to our customers in Asia.

It is a major requirement for all automotive suppliers active at a global level to be close to their OEM customers – a fact equally applicable to tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers. 

In October 2012, Datwyler enhanced its Asian supply network with the acquisition of the affiliated Asian companies. Through this act, Datwyler Holding Inc. has become the owner of Anhui Zhongding Sealtech Inc. (Zhongding), with one plant in China, and Hankook Sealtech Inc. (Hankook), two plants in South Korea and a 40% joint venture interest in an Indian plant.

With their business model, these two companies are a perfect fit with the automotive business of Datwyler’s Sealing Technologies Division. Together, Zhongding and Hankook are Asia’s leading supplier of rubber seals and gaskets for the automotive industry. Their four facilities employ close on 2,000 people, about three quarters of them in China. Ranking as the market leader in China, Zhongding has strong relationships with local Chinese and global customers. With this acquisition, the Datwyler Group is making a strategic quantum leap in the growth of its automotive business in Asia and consolidating its position as the leading global supplier of high-precision sealing components.


Being core of the system functionality and reliability even under most challenging conditions is key. Also for this application the durable bonding between rubber to metal is the important success factor.

The requirements for the sealing element are manifold and very demanding. The environment is characterized by extremely high pressure levels and flow velocities.

Tight tolerances with values even lower than 0.2 millimeters characterize the demand for extreme precise manufacturing and quality controls.

Making compromises on the wall thickness would lead to performance loss of the injection system. Our customers appreciate our know-how and expertise and rely on our support to make their system work.