Providing you with the materials most appropriate to your application

Datwyler is committed to leveraging the expertise and experience in material development and compounding that it has acquired over many decades to ensure that the functional properties of our sealing parts exactly meet your requirements.

We will assist you in selecting and developing the materials most appropriate to your application, mitigating risk via our backup solutions where crucial raw materials are concerned, while researching the potential of new materials in parallel to this.


Supporting you in selecting the optimum material

A material must meet many different criteria: physical properties, chemical cleanliness and compatibility, resistance to different media, high and low temperature properties, dynamic behaviour, optimum material costs, and superior processability, amongst others. Optimizing a certain property can negatively influence another one. That is why it is essential that we work intensively with you to find the best possible solution.
We leverage our many years of development experience in various markets to your benefit. For example, our halobutyl compounds are well established for pharmaceutical applications, and EPDM, HNBR and FPM are just some of the compounds to have been successfully used in automotive applications.

Back-up solutions for crucial raw materials

By testing alternative raw materials, we ensure that risk mitigation remains a primary objective. Making our compound available and accessible to our customers in the long term is an equally important goal.


Researching the potential of new materials

We fully exploit our extensive network with raw material suppliers to offer you materials with the highest technical performance. Newly developed materials are always tested with your needs and requirements in mind. Regularly exchanging know-how when engaged in development activities with key members of your organisation is essential for the creation of new product ideas for your applications.

Surface treatments

To guarantee the optimum functional properties of the sealing parts within your application, Datwyler not only develops the sealing materials, but also effective surface treatments. The functional surfaces guarantee added value in many areas: improved assembly processes, superior barrier properties, enhanced compatibility and greater bonding performance.

Improved Assembly Processes

The reduction of friction is essential to achieve the optimum assembly of rubber sealings in your application. Datwyler┬┤s surface technologies aimed at reducing friction to the optimum level include compounds with internal lubricants for technical applications, plasma processes, fluoropolymer coatings, siliconization and chlorination. We choose surface functionalization carefully in order to ensure that the sealing properties meet your specific requirements.


Superior Barrier Properties and Enhanced Compatibility:

The key function of a sea is to guarantee protection against specific or different media, including gases and liquids. For pharmaceutical applications, the compatibility of drugs and rubber closures as well as a low extractables & leachables (E&L) profile is crucial. Despite the selection of the best possible polymer and fillers, there will always be a certain level of leaching on a molecular level. Thanks to a special coating process, Datwyler is able to improve the barrier properties of its products significantly, thus minimizing E&Ls and optimizing compatibility with your applications.

Greater Bonding Performance:

Through the use of rubber/metal or rubber/plastic parts, we are able to eliminate an entire stage of your assembly process. Furthermore, these composite parts can offer you more design flexibility. Plasma processes can be employed to clean or activate the substrate surfaces and thus provide you with optimum bonding performance.



Experts in simulation !

Datwyler is increasingly employing numerical simulation techniques to ensure the optimum development of the products and processes at the heart of customer applications. Using finite element analysis, the functionality of new elastomer components can be studied at an early phase, and the application of flow simulation allows us to optimize the mould designs and manufacturing processes of the rubber products essential to your applications. You benefit from an accelerated development cycle, reduced costs, and superior product quality.

Finite Element Simulation

As your development partner, Datwyler is on hand right from the onset of your new product development process, not only supporting you in the selection of the most suitable materials, but also in conducting finite element simulations to determine the precise geometric dimensioning of the components in your applications. The use of finite element simulation greatly assists us in the comparative study of design variations, the testing of materials, and in understanding the behaviour of a component under various loads, while eliminating the need to produce prototypes at each stage.

Flow Simulation

Datwyler uses flow simulation software to optimize the rubber processing and mould design central to your application. Flow simulations help to identify potential problems of injection and transfer moulding processes in advance, and the corrections reduce the time between the first concept and the start of serial production, minimizing your time to market. Simulations enable us to visualise the mould filling, balance runner systems, identify confluence points and air entrapments, calculate mould temperature distributions, and determine vulcanization times.

Call us for more information or to discover the many ways in which we can support you. We are committed to working with you to find the best possible solution for your application.

Capability to develop tailor-made sealing solutions meeting highest market requirements.