13. Apr 2018 The US is a key market for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Glenn Thorpe, Senior VP Parenteral Packaging Systems, discusses the strong role of the United States in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Datwyler will open their second US-based operation for Health Care in Delaware, Middletown, in the second half of 2018. The production facility will incorporate the company’s state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing standard First Line.

The United States are already a key market for pharmaceutical manufacturing, and will gain even more importance in the next five to ten years. The largest number of biotech companies worldwide can be found in the US, investing more than 75 billion US dollars per year. Those investments are set to be growing – not only due to further developments in the biotech sector, but also due to a shift from foreign-based to home-grown facilities and manufacturing sites. Moving or expanding manufacturing in the United States is mainly driven by the political landscape that shows a strong affinity for US-manufactured goods, also in the pharmaceutical sector.

Datwyler is currently building a new production facility in Middletown, Delaware, which is scheduled to start production in the second half of 2018. It will be the company’s second US-based operation for Health Care and will incorporate state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing in accordance with the company’s own First Line standard. The decision to open a new facility in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States – a pharmaceutical hotbed – unifies the current trends and developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Especially with regard to cleanroom manufacturing that will become even more important in the next few years. Patient safety as one of the crucial factors for the pharmaceutical industry, relies, to a great extent, on high-tech drug administration solutions and technologies which are more and more produced in a cleanroom environment.

The coming years are bright for US based pharmaceutical manufacturing with new facilities, research and development further making it an integral part of the future of global health. We are looking forward to contributing to this development with our US facilities and are especially excited for the operation in Middletown opening in September.