20. Apr 2018 Strategic partnerships are key to mastering the challenges of future mobility

A new era of mobility is on the horizon: stricter legal requirements and new concepts such as e-mobility and autonomous driving are causing a rapid change within the Automotive industry. This also creates challenges for suppliers: technologies and components need to meet today’s vehicles requirements, but also to fulfil future-oriented concepts.

Andreas Minatti, Head of Business Development Automotive at Datwyler Sealing Solutions, believes that with new technologies required, there is a vast amount of resources, knowledge, and know-how needed to face this challenge. Joining forces and building partnerships is absolutely necessary to move forward.

Out of many, two success stories showing why Automotive suppliers should partner with Datwyler:

1. In response to stricter legislations for the reduction of exhaust gas emissions such as the Euro 6, Datwyler has partnered with leading manufacturers of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to develop specialized elastomer components which ensure that the system functions properly and reduces toxic tailpipe emissions in accordance with the legal limitations.

2. For e-mobility and autonomous driving, Datwyler is working on sealing components e. g. for brake systems – an area, for which Datwyler is leading in the market.