06. Feb 2018 Datwyler enjoys profitable growth and sharpens strategic priorities

The Datwyler Group accelerated profitable growth during 2017. Net revenue increased by 6.2% to CHF 1'291.4 million. The operating profit (EBIT) and EBIT margin reached record levels at CHF 162.6 million and 12.6% respectively. The net result increased to CHF 123.7 million. The Annual General Meeting will be asked to pay a cash dividend of CHF 3.00 per bearer share, which represents a 36.4% increase.

Datwyler is confident the Group can accelerate the profitable growth path during 2018. For the second time in succession, Datwyler is increasing the target range for the EBIT margin, which will now be 12% to 15%. From a position of strength, the Group has sharpened its strategic priorities: as well as driving profitable growth, Datwyler wants to accelerate digitalisation and increase agility..

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