17. Jul 2017 Datwyler at the IAA International Motor Show

Future Now – The theme of this year’s International Motor Show 2017 promises innovative ideas, intelligent solutions, and a number of new and specialized products for the automotive industry.
All of this will be presented at the IAA trade show by the global industrial supplier Datwyler. The company will display their broad product portfolio of sealing solutions which, apart from components for conventional cars, also includes solutions that focus on autonomous driving and electro mobility.

Industrial suppliers are a deciding factor for autonomous driving: 75% of the added value of automotive parts which need to conform to new and more demanding standards are being generated by suppliers. Datwyler manufactures components which play a vital part in making autonomous driving safer and more secure. A key focus for Datwyler is the research and development of and with innovative materials at their manufacturing sites worldwide.

Industrial suppliers are a deciding factor for electro mobility: To conform to the standards for weight and performance of electric cars, manufacturers as well as industrial suppliers need to gain expertise in the handling and development of new materials for the production of an electric powertrain. Datwyler contributes by providing their customers with innovative components for brake systems which economize weight and space. The features of the master brake cylinder, the power brake unit and the control systems (ABS, ESC) are combined in one consolidated brake module.

Industrial suppliers are a deciding factor for safety: At a speed of 50 km/h (approx. 31 mph), the stopping distance is 25 meters. The stronger the brake pedal is hit, the stronger is the deceleration of the vehicle. Although electric cars bring various changes with them, the brake features stay the same or even improve due to innovative system components. The pressure needed for the braking power in new systems is not generated by foot and a power brake unit but by an electric motor in the brake unit.
Datwyler’s technology and components contribute to the faster and more precise build-up of the necessary braking power, particularly in comparison to conventional hydraulic systems.

To experience Datwyler’s product portfolio live, we cordially invite you to our joint booth of representatives of Swiss automotive suppliers! Our experts for the different product ranges are looking forward to answering your questions.

When: September 12th – 15th, 2017
Where: Hall 4.1, Booth C21

Datwyler experts present:
Andreas Minatti,
Head of Business Development Automotive
Bernd Meyer, Head of Business Development O-Rings
Jan Ott, Business Development LSR/ 2-C Technology
Michael Groth, Head of Sales Automotive Europe

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Datwyler booth at the International Motor Show 2017.