17. Feb 2017 Datwyler at LyoTalk 2017 in Hyderabad

Datwyler is looking forward to participating from 23 to 24 February 2017 as an exhibitor and gold sponsor at Lyotalk in Hyderabad.

Lyotalk is Asia-Pacific’s largest annual conference on Lyophilisation and Freeze Drying. The conference attracts more than 150 experts from pharma, biotech, and academia from Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Lyotalk is a two-day program of learning about the latest technology and networking, discovering new opportunities and opening doors to partnerships. It features presentations, case studies, interactive roundtables, panel discussions and workshops facilitated by industry experts.

Datwyler’s Dr. Santosh Karne will hold a presentation on rubber closures for optimal lyophilisation. The development of a stable finished lyophilized product depends on the proper selection of a container and closure system. The rubber closure selection for lyophilisation products is an important factor as it influences the lyophilisation process and ultimately the drug product stability. His presentation will address the requirements of the rubber closures for an optimal lyophilisation process. Lyophilisation products are sensitive to moisture, hence special low moisture closures are required to achieve a better drug stability. In the presentation, Dr. Karne will present data that compare the moisture absorption and desorption characteristics of Datwyler’s special low moisture rubber formulation FM460 versus traditional halobutyl rubber formulations that are used for lyophilisation closures. Finally, he will discuss different types of lyophilisation closure design and its benefits.