In-house mixing plant

In its own mixing plant Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division produces rubber compounds featuring high chemical purity and low interaction properties.

Vulcanization lines

In the FirstLine production the elastomeric components are manufactured in clean room conditions according to ISO 15378 quality standards.

Washing and purifying process in clean room conditions

The particle content of the air in Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division's clean room sector is continuously monitored.

Fully automated quality control

Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division's rubber stoppers are inspected fully automatically by a camera unit for the smallest variations in quality.

Developing compounds and coatings

Compounds and coatings undergo continuous further development in Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division's laboratories.

Comprehensive quality control

After each manufacturing stage Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division examines the chemical and physical properties of the rubber compounds and rubber stoppers.

Aluminum closures

In addition to pure rubber products, Datwyler Sealing Solution Division also manufactures aluminum closures.

Rubber pistons

Datwyler Sealing Solution Division's core competence is in rubber blending and coating technology.

Closures for injectable drugs

Closures for injectable drugs represent a substantial part of Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division's product range.

High quality closures for liquid drugs

The quality of a liquid drug is only ever as good as the quality of its closure. Awareness of this simple yet important fact is what drives the ongoing further development of elastomeric, plastic and aluminium closures at Datwyler. It also ensures that top-quality drugs can be administered rapidly when a medical emergency occurs.

Customized Engineering

Thanks to advanced simulation techniques,Datwyler is able to support the customer from the early development stage to serial production.

Headoffice in Schattdorf, Switzerland

The Headoffice of the Datwyler Sealing Technologies Division is located in Schattdorf, Switzerland.

Injection molding

The injection molding process ensures that Datwyler's high-precision molded rubber components conform to very close tolerances for the international automotive industry.

In-house moldmaking

In-house moldmaking facilities ensure consistently high product quality and are an important core competence of Datwyler.

In-house mixing plant

Through operating its own mixing plant, Datwyler has at its disposal the know-how to develop and manufacture all rubber compounds in-house.

Wiper Seals

Work station for the automatic assembly of wiper seals in the Datwyler automotive sector.

Piston protection caps

Datwyler piston protection caps perform an important sealing function in the braking system.


Diaphragms from Datwyler are a core component of brake-power boosters, and as safety-related components are subject to very high quality standards.

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Core competence: in-house moldmaking

In-house moldmaking is a major core competence of Datwyler.

Quality control

Optical quality control of rubber profiles.

Extrusion line for manufacturing rubber profiles

Extrusion line with width measuring instrument (automatic dimension control) for profiles used in building construction and civil engineering.

Manufacturing lining seals

Corner vulcanization of lining seals used in tunnel construction. Lining seals from Datwyler are in use in more than 500 tunnels worldwide.

Tunnel construction using lining seals from Datwyler

Behind the tunnel drilling machine, lining elements - assembled into rings - are installed with lining seals from Datwyler.

Datwyler lining seals for tunnel construction

Installing the lining elements with the black lining seals from Datwyler.

Datwyler lining seals for tunnel construction

Lining elements with black lining seals from Datwyler, ready for installation.