What we stand for ?

We stand for reliability, stability, Swiss precision and quality. Material and technology know-how and acting in the best interests of our customers and employees.

And if we had to tell all this in some few words? Then we would tell you:
We are enabling our customers to master the challenges of tomorrow. No matter what the future holds.

Where we want to go ?

A fundamental question for every company. Why are we here? Where do we want to go and why. Telling this in a vision statement helps describing the purpose of our daily work. It also gives business partners an idea of what is deeper behind a company. We want our customers to know with whom they are dealing with and unveil our vision to the public:

We create excellent sealing solutions for a more reliable world.


How do we get there? A big question – only if we know this we can reach our vision. Therefore we wrote our way to go down in a mission statement which is guiding us into the future:

Focused on our customers' needs, we continuously seek to improve in everything we do.
We combine expertise in developing, manufacturing and supplying in order to provide our customers with cutting-edge sealing and closing solutions setting global industry standards. 

We guarantee an outstanding and reliable product experience leading to highest customer satisfaction. 

We keep our promises – so our customers can keep theirs.

We create excellent sealing solutions for a more reliable world.