Florian Arnold Technical Teamleader Deep Drawing, Datwyler Switzerland

«My team’s support spurs me to reach for goals that I could not achieve on my own.»

We want everybody to work at what they are best at. We therefore provide latitude and the necessary support where required. For only by joining forces as a team can we achieve great things. At Datwyler, we treat one another with respect. As part of a competent and appreciative team, our employees can grow “on the job” and by jointly facing new challenges.


People are at the heart of Datwyler. In an environment that is strongly shaped by technology, we strive to approach all tasks and processes from the perspective of the individual human being, to truly understand our customers and our colleagues, and to be mindful of their needs and requirements. We support one another within teams as well as across departments and levels of hierarchy. In doing so, it is vital to treat one another with respect, fairness and dignity. We have established a code of conduct that must be adhered to by every single employee.


We want our employees to enjoy a good work-life balance. Our flexible working time model provides the right environment to do so. Datwyler employees can mostly organise their tasks themselves. We thereby enable them to make the most of their working life without neglecting their private life.