Yan Wang Engineer, Datwyler China
«By time and again fulfilling and exceeding customers’ demands and expectations, I contribute to establishing successful and lasting relationships.»

We operate in a dynamic environment with constantly shifting requirements. Our employees must continuously find new solutions that create added value for our customers. This requires attentiveness to others and a keen sense of their needs and requirements. We offer self-responsible and service-minded individuals an inspiring working environment, in which commitment to colleagues and customers is highly valued.


Datwyler is a century-old Swiss company: reliable, stable and high-performing. We believe in the value of lasting relationships, both within the company and with our customers. Most of our employees remain true to the company over many years. Partnerships with some of our customers have also been thriving for decades, and are based on mutual trust. This constancy is one of the keys to our company’s success.


We invest heavily in the systematic and sustained development of competencies, building on individual life journeys and ambitions. Every year, around one per cent of each of our sites’ wage costs goes toward training and continuing education. We want employees to grow steadily and solidly in partnership with the company. Whenever possible, we therefore fill openings with internal applicants, thus fostering their career development over the long term.