Fabienne Andre Suter Assistant to the CEO, Datwyler Switzerland

«Integrated thinking and the ability to keep a clear mind even in hectic situations are key requirements in my daily work.»

Our employees make a significant contribution to the safety of people and products around the world. This requires them to guarantee top quality no matter how challenging a project and to keep a clear mind when faced with complex tasks. We offer talented individuals looking to grow professionally high-responsibility and challenging positions as well as attractive career opportunities.


Datwyler offers individual training and continuing education programmes at almost all its locations. We thereby enable our employees to learn new skills and prepare for future positions or professional challenges. As an employer, we are aware of our social responsibility and act accordingly. In Switzerland, for example, around 60 young trainees are trained in different jobs every year. Datwyler thereby provides an important contribution to Switzerland’s vocational education and training system.


At Datwyler, we are convinced that fostering leadership must rely not only on the development of individual personalities and their personal strengths, but on an actively shared corporate culture. Only managers who share our values and truly embody them can succeed in attracting talented employees and keeping them motivated over the long term.


For several years, Datwyler Holding has therefore been conducting global leadership programmes. Covering all levels, they range from basic management skills to the advanced skills needed to successfully implement our corporate strategy.