(left to right)

Barbara Santambrogio Quality Assurance Manager Operations, Datwyler Italy
Dhananjay Sutar Team Leader Mixing, Datwyler India

Jaehun Kim Mold Maintenance Operator, Datwyler Korea

Maria Natalia Garcia Salinas Planner, Datwyler Mexico


«Collaborating with colleagues from other cultures teaches me new ways of approaching problems. This is of  great help in improving product quality even further

Datwyler is a globally operating company with subsidiaries on all continents. It brings together a wide array of cultures, personalities and competencies on a daily basis. We benefit greatly from this diversity, which reminds us that there is no single way of looking at things. We offer individuals who value diversity and are keen to work in an international setting an interdisciplinary and intercultural working environment of global scope.


Our teams are often international in composition. Exchanging with colleagues from around the world is a daily aspect of our work that is critical to our success. We offer employees who enjoy collaborating with people of varied backgrounds and cultures the opportunity to operate on a global scale and pursue an international career.


People and interests change: we therefore foster cross-departmental exchange and enable interested employees to switch across our four industries or functional areas within the company. Technicians or engineers are thus not bound to strictly specialist careers. They are given the opportunity to enrich their specialist knowledge by acquiring other competencies in e.g. sales or management, enabling them to aim for a management position.