Joel Nouwen Technician Pilot Plant, Datwyler Belgium

«Mastering a major challenge fills me with pride and gives me strength to address the next one.»

At Datwyler, new challenges are the order of the day. Only by facing new situations with eagerness and dynamism, actively seizing opportunities, can we move things forward. We nurture employees who think and act as entrepreneurs and grant them the necessary freedom to turn their ideas into reality and put their projects into practice


At Datwyler, we insist on fostering an open and appreciative corporate culture. We listen to one another and value everybody’s contribution. This is the only way to make sure no valuable idea escapes our notice. We recognise the potential of entrepreneurial and well-performing employees and give them the opportunity to distinguish themselves. We seek fact-based and root-cause solutions and act in a spirit of partnership. Integrated thinking assists our decision-making and strengthens our team spirit. We want to improve ourselves and are open to constructive criticism. At Datwyler, innovation is no mere catchword, it is a firm component of who we are