Andrea Schuler Junior Manager Sales Support, Datwyler Switzerland

«Customer satisfaction is my main incentive – receiving a customer’s positive feedback is my greatest reward.»

The best solutions are hard-won. They are found by individuals who refuse to simply take things as they are and will not take no for an answer. Only by aiming high and not giving up when faced with major challenges can we create solutions of great and lasting value. At Datwyler, we rely on ambitious employees and offer them an environment that nurtures their personal development.


Datwyler employees operate in a multifaceted working environment with challenging and highly varied tasks. We offer talented and team-minded individuals desirous to make a difference and to make their own decisions an ideal environment to build their career. With our young talents schemes and our coaching system, we champion personal development.


Datwyler’s history was written by individuals who succeeded in mastering the challenges of their times and developing new solutions. Our company’s success is owed in no small part to this perseverance. We offer ambitious individuals who approach their task with dedication and enthusiasm the right environment to excel and grow.